Dennis Kennedy


Employee Resource Groups are a crucial tool for employees. They provide camaraderie, education, and a place for underrepresented groups to gather and support one another. Now, as ERGs have developed, they also possess the clout and safety necessary to address key issues within their organizations.

ERGs, while already a tremendous aid to the communities they serve, can be further leveraged. Each ERG in existence through research, trial and error, or experience has accumulated a wealth of information to further their organization. When shared, this information could make a monumental impact for other ERGs.

By participating in ERG Week, ERGs will have the ability to connect with one another, collaborate, and delve into the information that other groups have amassed throughout their time. In addition, organizations will host events to educate and support ERG development, relations, and continuation.

ERGs are a powerful asset for diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our goal is to strengthen them and to further access to these resources. I hope you partner with us today, as we strive to be of service to employee resource groups.

Dennis Kennedy


By connecting our network of employee resource groups, ERG Week seeks to empower employee resource groups to better advocate for diversity and inclusion initiatives within their organizations.

2020 Inclusion Week Mission


To facilitate the connection, collaboration, and education of employee resource groups.

2020 Inclusion Week Mission